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Our Mission

Success is a shared destination for the driver, the carrier and the customer: We want everyone to be successful!


Great Lakes Western is an irregular route truckload dry and temp-controlled carrier servicing the western 2/3 of the continental United States. We operate between the Midwest region and all of the western states, carrying a variety of customer products including paper, tissue, packaging, fresh food products, dairy and building supplies.

Our dispatch professionals strive to create routes and schedules that are as driver-friendly as possible including no-touch freight, dropped trailers when possible, and 100% compliance with Federal DOT hours-of-service regulations.

We require our driver to use Qualcomm electronic logs, and our dispatch professionals will help you create a schedule for each load that ensures your safety, log compliance and a record of 100% on-time delivery. We absolutely do not operate on the East Coast!

Company History

Great Lakes Western was founded in 1990, and our story is a familiar one. My family already worked in the industry for another company, but it became obvious that there was a <“better way” One simple request from a local manufacturer had gone ignored, they reached out to us directly, and we set the wheels in motion. Operations began on January 1st of 1991.

That first lesson has never been forgotten. Nearly 25 years later and still no request goes unanswered, whether that is from a customer or an employee. Business is never impersonal, it still runs on people and personal communication, so your requests are important to us and we respond to every single one. Of course we rely on all of the new technologies, including email, satellite communications, and e-logs. But the personal connections remain, whether that’s through our truly open-door policy in dispatch, our 24 hour availability, or an immediate reply to every customer request.

If you are a professional driver contemplating a change in employment, know that your questions and concerns will be addressed with that same level of commitment. We will do our best to fully inform you of our routes and operations before you commit to employment so there are no surprises on that first trip.

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