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We are seeking safe qualified drivers that reside in both Wisconsin and eastern Idaho, and our freight network will allow you generous time off at either of those areas.

Success is a shared destination for the driver, the carrier and the customer: We want everyone to be successful!

So when the days get long, when the weather is unfavorable, when the schedule gets disrupted, our dispatch team works hard to get you back on schedule. Our preventative maintenance and up-time leads the industry, but we also have a generous accessorial pay package that goes beyond just cents per mile

We require a driver commitment of 6 to 10 consecutive days to complete these runs. Time off between those shifts is negotiable from 2 to 5 days, but we work hard to accommodate all requests for additional home time.

Making sure that you're home for those special family events is a priority for us! Plus, our network allows to pinpoint a return date before you even depart, allowing you to make plans well in advance. "Plan the work, work the plan" is a favorite quote.


  • 25 years of age
  • Two years verifiable OTR experience
  • Clean MVR
  • No egregious CSA violations
  • No drug or alcohol violations
  • Professional appearance


  • 6-10 days out and 2-5 days at home
  • Assigned tractor
  • Driver is available 50 weeks of the year
  • Mileage incentive is based on a minimum 9,000 dispatched miles per month
  • Driver exceeds 8,999 miles per month for each of 11 months per calendar year
  • Driver is considered available for work if they have departed the yard and have driving hours available
  • Call and request a report that shows a 12-month sample of a driver's activity


  • Drivers start at a competitive base mileage rate on PC-Miler Practical Miles.
  • Our Practical Mile routing has less than a 2% variation from the odometer.
  • Contact us to discuss your salary requirements.
  • Monthly mileage incentive
  • Must be dispatched a minimum of 9,000 miles in one month
  • Drivers are paid an additional 4 cents per mile on every mile for that qualifying month
  • Payable on second pay period of following month
  • Our default is to pay; we want everyone to earn it!


  • $25.00 each additional pickup beyond first
  • $25.00 each additional drop beyond first
  • $50.00 each additional stop with building supplies
  • $100 flat rate for any driver assist unloading
  • $100 pass any recorded DOT roadside inspection
  • $125 per day minimum for layovers
  • $20 per hour detention, must be approved by dispatch
  • $50 minimum for loading/unloading dropped trailers
  • $1,000 for referring any new driver that is successfully hired here, no strings attached!


  • Generous home and vacation time
  • Retirement plan with 100% match (dollar-for-dollar!)
  • Group health plan that is ACA-compliant
  • Section 125 pre-tax premiums
  • AFLAC is available



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